How do i choose the best business franchise?

There are many, many kinds of businesses and many franchise opportunities for each one. Everything from restaurants to auto parts stores. My advice would be to narrow down the choices by determining a specific business type that you have a propensity for, one that really interests you.

 Then shop and compare. Be diligent to study each franchise thoroughly. Compare each to the others. Learn to distinguish serious business opportunities from hyped-up, long-shots. Talk to present franchise owners in markets other than ones you’re considering. Seek the advice of successful entrepreneurs, bankers, website experts, and CPAs. Study the franchise literature, financial statements, prospectus and any other financial and written information they offer. Then be very, very careful. Few of them offer real potential. A large percentage of franchise buyers do not experience profits for several years. Once you’ve chosen one, be very well capitalized or don’t buy it. If necessary, find investors that are willing to provide capital support. Don’t try to open a franchise on a shoe-string budget.

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