Wifes name is on mortgage, both our names are on the deed. She just passed away. Am I obligated to pay the mortgage? The house was not willed to be. So what steps do I need to follow.

As I understand it, you are not a borrower on the mortgage loan secured on the home, but you are a deeded owner of the home. This would mean that you do indeed own the home and are not obligated to pay the loan. However, the mortgagee (the lender, whether a bank, credit union, finance company, etc.) still has a valid lien on the property and can foreclose.

Though you are not obligated to pay as a borrower, you can lose the property through foreclosure if the mortgage payments are not made. As far as what steps you need to take, if you intend to keep the property you need to keep the payments current on the mortgage. I would recommend you should seek the counsel of a good, local real estate attorney as soon as possible.

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