How do you start a successful retail business?

It is difficult to know exactly how to answer your question because you don’t say what kind of retail business you want to start. However, there is one critical factor common to starting any retail business and that is capital.

Most retail businesses require a significant amount of start-up capital, mainly to acquire inventory, but for several other important purposes, as well: securing a retail location whether purchasing or leasing; heavy advertising to initiate the business opening; cash to hire and pay sales staff while still in the start-up mode before hitting the break-even point; and keeping yourself afloat financially until attaining profitability. Those to name just a few of the start-up functions you’ll need to feed and that will rely heavily on initial capital resources.

There are two sources of capital in any business: equity and debt. This means that to supply capital you have to have it yourself or raise it. You can raise it by finding other investors who will either loan it to you (debt) or use it to become partners with you in your business (equity). Or, you can do it the traditional way and go to the bank and try to take out a loan (still debt). By far the best way is to use equity, however few start-up business owners have the amount of capital needed to do it and do it right.

The best advice for any business is to use as little debt as possible; and when you do have to use it, find the least expensive debt possible (the lowest rate of interest). Do not try to start-up a business with an insufficient amount of start-up capital. That is a fast track to financial ruin.

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