What does a kiosk business do?

A kiosk business sells products or services out of a kiosk, usually at a shopping mall or an equally high-traffic location. Then again there are probably many kiosk businesses that sell kiosks, whether out of a kiosk or not. If I owned a business that sells kiosks, that’s what I’d call it: a kiosk business. Then, too, I suppose you could have a kiosk business that sells kiosks out of kiosks. Why not? Many kinds of products are sold from kiosks, why not kiosks? Any kiosk business owner would need to buy a kiosk before he/she could sell anything out of a kiosk. So, there you have it. A kiosk business could be one that sells kiosks out of a kiosk to people who buy kiosks to sell things out of kiosks.

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