Do smokers talk about non-smokers at the smoking break area at work?

I can say without the slightest doubt that they do. And I can also say without fear of contradiction (and in answer to the reverse posit, albeit rhetorical, above) that the opposite is true, as well. How can I say that? Because when I was a smoker I gathered with my husky-voiced compatriots at the smokin’ and jokin’ hole and talked about non-smokers incessantly. Then when I became a non-smoker, turn-about was fair play. We caught them in our smoke-free cross-hairs (metaphorically speaking, of course) and cut them to shreds. Naturally, I felt this clandestine verbal shellacking totally justified and rationalized it in defense of what I knew to be true about their reciprocal bombast, having once been one of them myself.

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