Would you hire a monkey as a housekeeper if it was fully capable of doing the job and fully insured? Monkeys are very smart and capable of using tools. I am thinking of investing in a company that will train monkeys to dust, vacuum and fold laundry. Would you hire a monkey to help around the house? The monkey would not stay with you, only come when scheduled.

I suppose it would depend on how much a monkey would charge. Would it be a flat fee or hourly wage? Of course, I imagine some monkeys are better than others, and probably smarter than others. In this they are almost indistinguishable from humans (and in many other ways too). Wonder if you could specify a work competency level that would correspond to a median range of pay? Could you say for example, “I would like a monkey of median intelligence and median competency for which I would be willing to pay a median price”? This way a person would be reasonably assured they wouldn’t get a monkey smarter than themselves (that would be embarrassing and perhaps a little risky; they might be able to con you into paying more than they’ve earned).

Also, monkeys have been known to be irritable. I would be afraid of offending one. But ultimately, yes, I would be perfectly willing to hire a monkey. I’ve done worse. And I’d be interested in finding out how this enterprise works out for you. Who knows? I might even want to get into the monkey business myself.

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