What Things Highly Successful Business Owners Do? any idea !

To answer your question, yes. I know exactly what they do because I’ve read the book Good To Great by Jim Collins. But rather than take time and space here to tell you, I’ll recommend that you read that book as it is by far the best I’ve read. Good To Great takes the reader through a study of highly successful business owners who took their companies from an average performance within their markets to a financial performance greatly exceeding that of their competition within a relatively short period of time. He outlines 7 successful practices these leaders used to accomplish this truly remarkable feat.

Rather than try to repeat those practices here, please read the book. Mr. Collins assembled a team of researchers on the subject and created a methodology they used to measure financial performance that enabled them to identify the good-to-great companies. Then they studied the businessmen and women who led those companies to greatness and discovered those seven  common practices among them. The good-to-great leaders, CEOs all, were not flamboyant iconoclasts; not publicity-seeking charismatics; but they were humble but driven individuals who preferred hiring independent thinkers to ‘yes’ men, and blamed themselves instead of everyone else when things went wrong. This book will provide the answers you are looking for.

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