Where is the best place to get a loan today?

This is a very broad question requiring a generic answer because there are many types of loans and different types of lenders for each. There are revolving loans, installment loans, loans for homes, loans for cars, loans to match almost any purpose. However, generically, the best place to get a loan in today’s market is the same place it has been in practically every market at any time. It is your bank.

Your bank, where you have your checking account and/or savings account, debit card, time deposit (CD), Christmas Club, safe deposit box, or whatever services you like, is usually the best place to apply for a loan for several reasons.

Number one, they know you, you know them; they like you, you like them (if not you should be shopping for another bank); you have been availing yourself of their services for some time (or at least they hope you will) and they are anxious to have you recommend them to your friends.

Number two, they have been providing excellent service to you (if not you should be shopping for another bank) and deserve your business because they have earned it. They will be anxious to provide you, their own cherished customer, with the best interest rate on the market. If you can find a better one, tell them and they will likely match it to keep your business and save face.

Number three (and most importantly) most banks will offer discounts on loan rates for their own customers who have two or more other services with them (if yours doesn’t you should be shopping for another bank). Typically this will be from .25% to .50% on any loan rate, and then they will give another .25% to .50% discount for automatic payments (that’s where they automatically deduct the monthly loan payment from your checking account).

If your bank happens to be a credit union, all of the above still applies. Talk to your bank or credit union first, and if all of the above doesn’t apply … (you got it) you should be shopping ……

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