What is the better option? Do you prefer to have your work-check directly deposited, or – do you prefer the money to be put directly in your hands? Can you please explain your choice?

You can’t fool me, my friend. You’re desperately reaching out, looking for someone to justify your abhorrence of the rampant digitization so enamored of this age. And I understand your reticence. You don’t want to seem “behind the times”. I can relate. Using a direct deposit avoids translating your hard-earned pay into something you can hold and cherish. Instead, it winds up digitally impaled upon an ethernet ledger somewhere in the EFT microcosm (electronic funds transfer). Let’s face it, electronic funds are no fun. In fact they’re downright boring. A check is something you can grasp, hold in your hand, fold and put into your wallet, then take it out again and waive it around if you wish. It’s something you can sink your teeth into. (Well, metaphorically speaking, of course. It probably wouldn’t survive that in a literal application.)

Even metaphorically, you can’t sink your teeth into electronic funds (you might not survive the literal application.)  They pass from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’, just an impulse all the while, never stopping to become even a semblance of something you can pocket, or fold up or flap in the breeze. They can never give that distinctive comfort, that satisfying assurance that comes from looking upon an official paper certificate, received as one would receive an award; or handed out as one does when rewarding a hard-day’s pull.

Yes, I resist, as do you. I resist the dehumanization of money (or should I say the de-money-ization of humans). This odd metamorphosis that takes something ancient and traditional and transforms it into something, well, shall we say, (in its many interpretations) “current”. I mean, electronic funds .. they’re not really money. They’re “credits”, or “units”, or something worse.

Let’s face it, we’re probably both on the other side of 55 (I know I am, I’m guessing you are, too). Romantics, we, doomed to suffer the inequities of an age that panders to the efficacies of convenience and expedience. (Sigh.)

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