What can i get with a 578 credit score?

With a 578 credit score alone you can’t get much, if anything. Credit scores below 619 are considered by many lenders to indicate a poor credit risk. But throw in some good job security with current or continuous-like employment of three years or more; and throw in a strong income that is more than sufficient to service the new debt you are applying for (let’s say a debt-to-income ratio of 33% or below, including the new debt); and throw in a really good collateral that shows some equity (a value significantly exceeding the amount of the debt you are borrowing); and you just might get approved. It’s going to depend on the amount you are applying for and the purpose of your credit request. A loan for $1,000 to do improvements or repairs to the collateral you are using? I’d say you’d have a decent chance.

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